We have decided to name “Friends” all the people who support our work.

Becoming a "Friend of the Isabel Martín Foundation" means that you share our values and goals, that you work for the Dignity of Women, that you commit yourself to promoting their health, education, economic independence and participation in terms of equality and justice, that you believe that supporting women means to support the community and contribute to sustainable development...

To formalize our friendship you only have to fill in the form below with your details: from now on we will keep you updated on our activities and projects, you will be able to take part in the events we organize and you will receive our newsletter. Besides, we kindly ask you to follow us on our social media and help us spread our work.

Being our friend does not bind you to anything else: you do not have to make any donations or pay any fees. Nevertheless, if you wish to be a donor or benefactor we will be happy!

Donors and benefactors

You can support our activity and participate in the funding of projects either with cash or in-kind.
  • Periodical donation.

  • One-time donation.

  • Donations in kind: please, contact us. Logistical problems and high transport costs prevent us from accepting some donations of this kind. Call us and we will discuss your contribution. The donation of of pro-bono work is channelled through volunteering.

  • Inheritance and legacy: In order to include the Foundation in your will, you only have to communicate it to the Notary, who will request for our information.

Inheritance and legacy: In order to include the Foundation in your will, you only have to communicate it to your Notary, who will request for our information. We cannot accept cash donations or anonymous donations over one hundred euros (100 EUR).

As an identified donor you will receive information about our Annual Report and Annual Accounts, and a Certificate of your donation.

We remind you that your donation is deductible in Income Tax and in IS. Only for contributors in Spain.


At the Isabel Martín Foundation, we promote volunteer work as a form of solidarity that contributes to a more just and equal society. At the moment we are offering several different ways to collaborate, but we are open to discussing any other that you might come up with.
  • Volunteers/"professionals" for field work. We publish volunteering offers in our projects to carry out different activities, always at the request of our local counterparts. You can apply for the ones that you think fit your profile, or provide us with your personal data to join our "Pool of Volunteers" and we will contact you should a vacancy arise.

  • Support volunteers in Spain, to work on our headquarters in Zaragoza or Madrid, on-line, or if you want to develop any activity in your hometown or in the organization, you belong to (tribal art exhibitions, charity markets, awareness raising).

  • Training, awareness raising and solidarity camps. We are preparing programmes for volunteers who want to travel to projects to raise awareness about the living conditions of the world's most disadvantaged ones. Stay tuned because we will soon further develop this section.

  • Visits to the projects. In most of our projects, the partner organizations are very happy to welcome visitors. Contact us and we will inform you.

Fill out the form to join our pool of volunteers and we will contact you.


We have the possibility of welcoming students from different levels (Vocational Training, Training programmes for employment, University, etc.) for non-professional training with the Foundation.

If you are interested contact us and we will inform you.

Solidarity purchases

You can also collaborate with the Isabel Martín Foundation by purchasing the products we sell at charity markets and other events we will be telling you about on our website and social networks.

Soon you will be able to buy online, but for now, contact us if you want to receive one of our shirts!

We are committed to fair, sustainable trade and we care for the environment: the products we sell are made primarily by Creative Handicrafts, the Women's Cooperative which we support, or by entities that guarantee fair trade principles.

In charity markets, we may sell recycled and second-hand products from donations.

If you have a suitable place or space and want to organize a charity market for the benefit of the Isabel Martín Foundation, contact us.