The FIM promotes, sponsors and implements programmes and projects aimed at the development and empowerment of women as well as training, defense and development of vulnerable children, based on community philanthropy, especial in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Furthermore, the FIM conducts awareness campaigns on inequalities between the South and the North, promoting participation and mobilization of people and encouraging attitudes of active, coherent, critical and responsable solidarity.


The FIM seeks the promotion of women and their families through sustainable projects, within specific time periods, based on the social economy and subject to temporary evaluation to measure their efficiency.

It also promotes education for development in order to favour the critical analysis of reality that enables a more ethical and moral awareness in the interest of the general public to be committed to solidarity and transforming unjust structures and relationships.


  • Commitment to women.

    Wherever a woman ́s dignity is at stake, there you will find us.

  • Community Philanthropy.

    The success of a sustainable project is dependent, to a great extent, on a jointcooperation with local communities. One of our main motivations is to encourage local communities to trust their institutions and work not for them, but alongside them.

  • Independence.

    We are a non-denominational, secular foundation that implements its mission respecting everyone ́s freedom.

  • Sustainability.

    Each project that we promote, sponsor and implement is sustainable. That is, our objective is that all projects should be fully viable and working without external support in the medium and long-term.

  • Justice and solidarity.

    We advocate a fairer global society. In a world full of inequalities, our understanding of the concept solidarity is working alongside those who suffer any kind of injustice.

  • Social awareness.

    We are vocal in denouncing women ́s inequality in society in order to raise awareness of this issue at a global scale.. In order to achieve a more equitable world where a fairer social justice prevails it is vital to resort to knowledge gained through training and education.

  • Transparency.

    Our commitment to transparency involves responsible fund-raising methods, control and financial supervisionas well as accountability.